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MAKE YOUR EVENT STAND OUT. THE POSSIBILITIES ARE UNLIMITED! Offering massage at your next seminar, conference or event sends a great message. No matter what your event is, you want attendees to enjoy themselves while they are there and leave with a positive feeling about you and your company. A massage puts the recipient in a relaxed, positive state. Happy customers are great for business. Happy employees are great for business. A happy you is great for business. All around, you can’t lose when it comes to booking massage at your next event. We accommodate many different locations and schedules. Our licensed massage therapists will come to your event with professional, ergonomic equipment. We just need a nice, quiet place to set up and get to work. CONVENSIONS The most relaxing way to stand out! It’s the perfect place to do something that sets you apart while making a lasting impression by drawing bigger crowds to your exhibit, impressing your clients, increasing the time potential clients stay at your exhibit and expanding leads. Therapist can wear your logo attire to increase exposure. VIP MASSAGE Keep your top clients ridiculously happy! After days of travel with very little down time, massage will surely be a memorable experience for them. Anyone can wine and dine, but leaving them rejuvenated and focused with the gift of massage will really make you stand out. CORPORATE EVENTS Event massage is highly sought out during corporate events. It shows you care about your attendee’s health and well-being. It’s not a luxury to those who need relief from a painful headache, stiff neck or an aching shoulder or back. Offering massage is simpler, and more affordable than you might think. Just tell us when and where to show up and how many people to expect. Your company will stand out and be remembered! ADMINISTRATIVE DAY These are some of the hardest working people out there. Without them, everything would fall apart. Show them how much you care by celebrating them with something unique and special. Anyone can buy candy or flowers, but when you schedule a massage for them, they will know you really care! HEALTH FAIRS Massage manages anxiety and depression. It can help control blood pressure, boost immunity, and improve blood circulation – all benefits that your clients/patients will appreciate. It will also leave an amazing impression “That you truly care.”

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For cancellations, please contact us at least 24 hours in advance of your scheduled session to avoid being charged.

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