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  • Onsite Massage

MAXIMIZE THE BENEFITS OF CORPORATE MASSAGE WITH REGULARLY SCHEDULED VISITS FROM THE HEALING NEST! The Healing Nest offers a comprehensive On-Site Wellness solution for muscles and mind, workforce and management. Our certified mobile therapists are available for weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or seasonal visits to your place of business – visits guaranteed to keep your employees productive, energetic and feeling good about themselves and their careers. Whether you’re looking to cut down on employee stress or simply create a more appealing place to work, we can create a solution that fits best for you. A therapeutic corporate massage is a great perk that leaves your employees feeling de-stressed and cared for – it’s guaranteed to pay for itself in productivity and positive energy. The Healing Nest is both good practice and good PR. We understand that every company has unique needs, so each program is customized to fit your budget and the individual goals of your organization.  ALL-INCLUSIVE RATES INCLUDE * Our time-saving online scheduling system * A dedicated account manager * Transportation to and from your site * Equipment setup * Licensed & insured massage therapists * Professional table massage * Relaxing music (optional) * Aromatherapy (optional) 

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