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with Janet Dailey and Christina DeMarco


September 23 ~ 1–3 PM

Naam Yoga New York ~141 West 72nd Street NYC 10023


Our heart's authentic nature is that of love, acceptance, and oneness. Within we recognize our own divine perfection and that of all others. In its full expression, our

heart is a radiant diamond reflecting the many facets of our Soul.


Yet, often our world is filled with the opposing energies of fear, judgment, and rejection. The very energies that dim our light and block us from experiencing the unconditional love, self-acceptance, and wholeness we desire. As a result, our heart fragments, and we inadvertently give away or leave behind these wounded aspects of self.


Join us in this sacred space as we call these Soul fragments home into the healing power of our loving heart. Through the magic of group intention and overlighted by our Soul collective, together we will reclaim our divine radiance and awaken our authentic heart. 


Gentle yogic movements, breath work, mudras, and mantra will open up the body’s energy pathways allowing us to expand more deeply into our divine intelligence. A guided Soul Retrieval and channeled energy transmission will follow, incorporating crystalline energetics, lightwork, intuitive healing, and spiritual guidance. 


Register at or 646-922-7482

$50 Investment if paid by Sept 19, 2018 or $60 thereafter



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The Art and Science of Creating

Additional details coming soon


Unlock your full potential. Open to a new reality. Break through limitations. 

Discover your authentic self. Become a conscious creator!


Learn how to harness the Universal Laws of Nature to create all that you truly desire in life. Nature is in a constant state of creation and regeneration, known as the Law of Unlimited Supply or the Law of the Circle. When we learn to align with this universal truth, our potential is limitless. 


This workshop series will empower you with practical tools and understanding to identify your unique energetic blueprint, break through limitations and discover your authentic self. This innovative program translates the energetic laws of the universe in a grounded and easy to use system, assisting you in activating your highest potential as a Conscious Creator and bringing your dreams into reality! 


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