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If your body isn't functioning optimally, come see us. If you're experiencing pain or discomfort, we can help! If you've tried everything else, book an appointment. Are you ready to make a change for the better? Come work with us and we'll get you the results you deserve!


Vitality and wellness begin with a body that is in balance. The Healing Nest Clinical Massage and Wellness Programs help you get to the root cause of your issue and quickly resolve it at the core. Our Therapeutic, Medical, Fertility and Detox methods are State of the Art, science based and evidentially proven. It's time to love the body you're in!


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"If I could give The Healing Nest more than 5 stars, I would!" Nancy R.

"Beyond amazing and life changing for me! These sessions really helped after my knee injury to get back to my original strength. I am so lucky to have found Christina" M S.


During my first session I could feel my mind slow down and the mounting tension in my body begin to release." Meredith B.

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Bring us your problem and we'll help you find the solution! Our innovative therapeutic techniques treat your body as a whole to:

Rapidly Reduce Pain

Restore Impaired Function
Increase Fertility & Digestive Health
Decrease Recovery Time

Improve Mobility & Strength

Prevent Future Injuries

Optimize Athletic Performance

Corporate Massage: The ultimate
return to office incentive!

Back Massage


“The Healing Nest brings a very positive energy to our office. Our employees are extremely appreciative of the opportunity to take a short break to destress and refocus. While a relaxing massage is a wonderful perk, your experience and knowledge of therapeutic massage is a unique skill that makes a great massage even better.


I can’t tell you how many of our employees have commented on how much better their neck, shoulder, back or arm pain feels because of The Healing Nest. By having you onsite, our investment in our employees has more than paid for itself with morale and productivity improvements.


We look forward too many years of working together." T.F., Managing Partner


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